Why Customer Success is Sexy

In the Revenue family, Customer Success was generally seen as the gawky, redheaded stepsister of the uniformly attractive Sales and the stylishly hip Marketing.  She got the hand-me-downs – less budget, fewer staff, and limited resources.  Customer Success put her head down and worked with what she had for years, but now her day has come.  That’s right.  The braces just came off and guess what?  Customer Success is sexy.

Smart is Sexy

Remember back in high school when you looked over at your bookish lab partner and thought, “Wow!”  Unless you were extra lucky, it wasn’t because of how they looked.  Customer success professionals have jobs that require a careful balance of deep product knowledge and strong communication skills. Without a unique combination of emotional intelligence and smarty-pants intellect they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.  The best customer success teams are putting those big sexy brains to work coming up with creative new ways to optimize processes and engage customers.

Caring is Sexy

Companies now realize that just saying “we’re a customer-centric organization” isn’t enough.  Customers are educating themselves about products and services before they engage with a company, and they have more options than ever before.  They expect their needs to be anticipated and they expect an amazing customer experience, not just customer service.  A strong customer success team will make sure customers have an exceptional experience with their brand, from start to finish.  Making sure your customers know you care about them is fireman-with-a-kitten sexy!

Money is Sexy

Romance novels don’t lie.  It’s always a little bit about the size of your…wallet.  Senior leaders are taking a look at the solid relationships that great customer success teams build, and recognizing that some of the best selling can be done through success.  In addition, success teams maintain the relationships that keep customers around for the long haul.  Recent stats show that 70-95% of the lifetime revenue of a customer comes after the initial sale.  All of this adds up to the kind of dollars that nobody can ignore.

Sales and Marketing are critical to the success of any Revenue family, but it’s time for Customer Success to join her sisters in the spotlight.  She’s hot!      

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