The Success League + Strikedeck Podcast

I'm excited to announce a new podcast for customer success leaders and professionals - Strikedeck Radio.  The Success League has partnered with Strikedeck to bring you interviews with customer success leaders on best practices and how they implement them.  I'll be hosting this podcast, as well as driving the content, so if you have people you'd like me to interview or topics you'd like us to cover please let me know. Here's a link to our first podcast - an interview with Kim Oslob, the VP of Operations for Whisbi, on how to build a new customer success team.

Follow our Podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud, or look for new podcasts on the Strikedeck Radio page. Of course, we'll also let you know when we have a new episode here at The Success League - sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates. Thanks for your support!  

-Kristen Hayer, CEO of The Success League