My Favorite Customer Success Tools

By Ashley Hall

Where would we be without the numerous amazing tools available in the market today? If you’re reading this post you are likely in the tech industry and have your finger on the pulse of productivity tools on the market. Here is a list of the tools that provide me the most success throughout the work week.


A CRM is the backbone to any customer-facing team. This invaluable platform allows you to store important revenue information, in addition to tracking individuals and relationships with your clients. Not only does this tool aid you in relationship management, but the in-depth reporting from Salesforce is immensely helpful. My favorite piece of Salesforce functionality, one that allows me to collaborate easily with my sales team, is Chatter. This tool allows you to chat with colleagues directly from an opportunity. Not only do you have 1:1 communication from where you are working, but Salesforce will also email you with daily summaries of these conversations.  


While I will sing the praises of Salesforce, especially from a selling and deal-management perspective, I spend a lot of my time in a more success-driven tool, ClientSuccess. It is truly designed with a success team in mind. You can customize your own “Success Cycle” complete with your company’s success milestones. Marking your contacts as the “primary user” and “key contact” or “executive sponsor” allows you to define client relationships from the beginning. Collaborating with your success peers is easy since you're able to assign “to dos” for your teammates.  You also have full visibility into all communication with the client through a Gmail integration. A Salesforce integration provides the rest of your company with an important account health and renewal statistics.


I know there are a million to-do list apps, but the thing I love the most about Wunderlist is their desktop plug-in where you can add to your list just by clicking the icon at the top of your screen. No need to open the full app. The added bonus is that if you type “tomorrow” or “next Friday” it will automatically attribute the due date to your task. As action items pop up it's easy to quickly add them through the plug-in without getting totally distracted by opening and closing a new window. I live by my Wunderlist on a daily basis.


Meeting notes, meeting notes, meeting notes. If I don’t write something down, I am not going to remember it. Evernote is my favorite place to take notes for internal meetings. One-on-ones to team meetings; I am able to put all key points in Evernote, which is of course searchable. I always have it up-and-running in the background in case an item pops up that I want to cover in the next meeting. Another bonus feature is the ability to record audio: In large meetings I record important parts so I can go back and reference as needed.


Invision is an incredible prototyping platform used by product and design teams. In my current role our product team is always sharing live prototypes with our success team. It is fun to collaborate with another group to make sure the product will serve our customers, and once the new features are close to going live I can begin sharing those prototypes with clients. Customers love getting a sneak peek of new functionality before it’s live, and Invision makes that easy and fun.

I spend my time using other tools as well, but these 5 are where I find the most success and time savings. We’d love to hear about your favorite tools - the ones that bring you the most success throughout the day!

The Success League is a consulting firm that works with executives who want to unlock the retention and revenue a top performing customer success team will bring to their business. We work with our clients to select tools, build processes and playbooks, and define their profile of the ideal CSM.

Ashley Hall - Ashley loves to lead account management teams; from training newbies to building processes out of chaos to working directly with customers. With an eye on the future she is a powerhouse in building scaleable frameworks that support and drive growth.  Ashley is currently working for Sparkcentral and holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  She lives in San Francisco, CA.