Customer Success Training: Workshop Edition

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Looking to build your team's customer success skills while also developing teamwork and trust? The Success League offers workshops that expand on the classes featured in our popular CSM Training Program. A variety of topics are offered, including setting customer goals, time management, renewals and churn, and difficult conversations.

According to your needs, we can arrange half-day, full-day or even 2-day workshops. Your session would include group exercises and discussions that drive teamwork and improve knowledge of the customer success field.  

Contact us now for more information and to customize your workshop.

What differentiates The Success League from other consultants is their commitment to creating real change even after a project ends. Every recommendation they made was expertly paired with a tool we needed to drive adoptable, long-lasting improvements. Kristen is incredibly sharp, a pleasure to work with, and not afraid of a little radical candor right when you need it.

Carey Wong, Customer Success Leader