We Want to Help You, CS Leaders!

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Are your great CSMs not hanging around long enough? The Success League's Customer Success Leadership program can help you learn how to hire the right people and manage them effectively so that they'll stick around. The program covers:

  • Building key metrics and goal plans that maximize team performance

  • Developing a customer success playbook to ensure consistency across the team

  • Planning a team structure that fits the company’s business model and scales with the organization

  • Designing compensation plans to drive top performance from individual CSMs

  • Creating a model of the ideal CSM to optimize the hiring process

  • Onboarding new CSMs effectively to drive faster time to value

  • Using metrics and goals to manage team performance on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis

  • Sharing reports and analysis with the right audience at the right time

The program is a series of 8, weekly, online, instructor-led, classes designed for success leaders. We are currently accepting sign-ups for our Winter 2019 series, which begins in January and is now offered in two convenient time slots (9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern -OR- 4pm Pacific / 11am Australian Eastern).