Preparing for a New Year

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By Ashley Hall

We just wrapped up another year. Hopefully a break and time with family kept you refreshed and got you motivated! I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my last year. I began the year as a customer success manager and quickly moved into account management to begin a team focused on expansion revenue along with retention. Lots of changes, lots of challenges, and lots of fun!

I hate being underprepared, so I did everything I could in these past few weeks to set myself up for success this year. Here’s how I approached year end, while balancing the fun of the season with taking care of business.


Before setting my sights on the next year, I wanted to be sure to learn from the last one. While I had some great wins this year, I also worked through a number of challenging areas. Reflecting on these areas was a great way to decide what I wanted to start, stop, and continue in the new year. I just learned about the Start, Stop, Continue practice this year! While it’s particularly helpful as a team exercise, I also recommend using it as a retrospective on how to improve year over year.


Who doesn’t love a fresh start? Tie up loose ends, finish all the projects you can, clean up your workspace, and get your calendar and supplies ready for the new year. I have a bad habit of collecting both paper and digital sticky notes. This week I will be cleaning those out and getting my task list down to zero, even if it’s only for a day or two. Take the time to freshen up your perspective and approach to make the transition into a new year as smooth as possible.

Set Goals

Hopefully you’ve got an understanding of the company goals and expectations of you in 2019. Is there forecasting or anything you can do now that saves you time down the road? If goals have not been shared yet, set some of your own. Is there a specific trait you’d like to improve this year? This year I’m laser focused on getting a promotion. I have an action plan that includes the elements I can influence and can control, so that when I sit down with my manager I can walk her through the reasons why a promotion makes sense. Don’t forget to set a personal goal for outside of work.

Make the most of these first few days of the new year to set yourself up for all of 2019. You have another big year ahead - make it a successful one!

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Ashley Hall - Ashley loves to lead account management and success teams; from training newbies to building processes out of chaos to working directly with customers. She is passionate about helping customers achieve goals. With an eye on the future she is a powerhouse in building scaleable frameworks that support and drive growth. Ashley is one of the founding advisors to The Success League, and serves as a regular instructor for the company's CSM Training Program. She also serves as a customer success manager for ProsperWorks, and brings her work experiences to her articles and classes. Ashley holds a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder and enjoys living in San Francisco while traveling all over the world.