Need a Little Extra Help? We Offer Coaching!

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Regular coaching is a great way for CS leaders to get advice on the challenges they face in planning and managing their teams. The Success League currently has a few coaching spots available. Let us put together an advisory program that works for you. Need help assembling an amazing team? Getting ready for 2019? Want advice on best practices? Act now to secure your spot.

Please visit our consulting page for more information.

"Kristen was not only fun to work with, she has a ton of experience and totally gets the challenges of fast growing companies rolling out CS departments. We struggled with some consultants and coaches in the past who were too rigid in the way things should be done. Kristen took the time to understand the nuances of our specific industry, and then helped us to apply basic principles and best practices of Customer Success to our business. She was also always available for a quick email or call if something urgent came up during the week, and was the support system and sounding board I needed throughout some big changes for our team."
Colleen St. John, Customer Success Leader