Success on the Road: Los Angeles, CA


By Kristen Hayer

Customer success and employee success are intertwined. I spent this past week onsite at ServiceTitan, and saw firsthand the efforts they take to make their team successful, and how this is having a positive impact on customers.

Of course, they have all the usual software company perks: free food, drinks, lots of snacks (apparently the Titan 15 is real!). What most impressed me, however, were the less common and more thoughtful touches. Team members can use a quiet room, any time, to just think. A beautiful view, comfortable furniture and the support of managers to use this space, make it a huge benefit. In addition, the success team has taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, and everyone in the group has their strengths posted at their desk. While I was shadowing the team, I overheard several conversations where people referenced and reinforced each other’s strengths. What an amazing way to leverage the talents of everyone on the team!

All of this has created an environment of employee success, which encourages the team to make customers successful as well. How can you make your employees successful? What can you do to create a culture of success? Fantastic example for all of us at ServiceTitan!