Success on the Road: Brisbane, CA


By Kristen Kayer

Last week was a week at the home office, full of logistics. I’ve been prepping for more winter work travel, organizing for a major home remodeling project, getting new team members set up with projects, building out our training program and making sure that my kid and husband aren’t totally neglected in the shuffle.

My theme for this week was asking for help. I was raised in a very “do it yourself” family, and that makes it tough for me to admit that I sometimes need assistance. Luckily I have an incredible team and an amazing family who, it turns out, are happy to help! I was able to offload an orthodontist appointment, the report for a study we’re working on, a couple of proposals, and a parent meeting at school. Jill, our superstar marketing and operations manager, took a lot of training and social media work off my plate. I even accepted some help on my wardrobe, and ordered cozy snow boots and a real winter coat (so I don’t have a repeat of my chilly Toronto visit!) It feels good to accept help.

Do you, like me, struggle to ask for help when you need it? People in your life want to help you. Let them carry some of your load, and return the favor when you can. I’m looking forward to accepting the help of my new boots in Idaho this week!