Success on the Road: Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley.png

By Kristen Hayer

I got the chance to visit Marketron in Sun Valley, Idaho this past week. They have a fantastic customer success team who took the time to show me around the valley and the historic resort. What an amazing place. It was beautiful, but extremely snowy while I was there. Great for skiing, bad for traveling. Between a couple of rerouted flights, an unexpected bus trip, and hitching a ride back to Boise with two of the team, I had to exercise my flexibility.

Flexibility is something we need to think about in customer success too. We spend a lot of time at The Success League helping companies plan processes, and training CSMs on best practices, but sometimes those processes aren’t appropriate, or there is a corner case where the best practices just don’t apply. CS professionals need to try and be consistent, but they also need the good judgement to know when to be flexible in order to create a great customer experience.

What are you doing to empower your team to be flexible with customers? How has flexibility benefited your clients or team? I’m looking forward to returning to Sun Valley this summer with my family!