Success on the Road: Bothell, WA


By Kristen Hayer

Last week I landed at the Seattle airport on Tuesday morning. I ordered a Lyft, and the driver promptly called me and explained that he’d be there in 5. He picked me up in a sweet SUV and regaled me with stories of his driving experiences while we traveled from Sea-Tac to Bothell. He offered me snacks. He was friendly and charming.

My Lyft driver on the way back to the airport on Wednesday greeted me politely but was otherwise quiet. He played 80’s music. His car was an older Prius. There were no snacks.

Which ride did I value the most? You might be surprised to hear that I preferred and valued the later ride. Why? On both trips I was tired, and really didn’t feel like talking. I don’t eat snacks offered by strangers, so that didn’t win me over. I really like cars, but a trip to the airport is A to B for me. Plus, I love 80s music. Guess who got a better tip.

Do you know what your customers truly value, or are you making assumptions? Are you paying attention, or busy chattering away? Great reminder that we all need to listen, watch, learn, and adjust.