Success on the Road: Dallas, TX


By Kristen Hayer

This week included a visit to Dallas, TX to give a workshop to the fantastic Customer Success team at Dinova. Getting out of San Francisco was a flightmare, but once I got to Dallas I experienced some amazing southern hospitality at the Texican Court hotel, a new boutique hotel in Irving.

I walked into the Texas size lobby and was greeted by a friendly front desk person. She offered me a cold beer (Lone Star, of course) from their SMEG fridge (adorable) while she got me my keys. I asked for a late checkout because I needed to teach an online class the day after the workshop. They offer a program where you can stay until 6pm for $35. More convenient and cheaper than a day at a shared office space. I checked into my room and found another SMEG fridge! This one was stocked with every possible beverage a person could want. The room was filled with so many smart design features and homey touches I can’t possibly list them all here. The outdoor areas were similarly outfitted. I was delighted with it all.

 It made me think about all the little stuff we can do, as customer success professionals, for our clients. We know what they are: thank you notes, swag, gifts for happy life events, flowers for the sad ones. But, do we do those little things? I’ll admit, I don’t always take the time. But, when we do, we add a little happiness to an otherwise normal day. My experience at the Texican Court was a great reminder that all the little things matter a lot.