Starting Soon: New CSM Certification Program!

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We want to help you to become a top performing CSM, which is why we created our CSM Certification Program. This course emphasizes long-term learning, provides practical applications of best practices, and includes tools that CSMs can adopt right away. You will receive certification after completion of the series and passing a learning assessment. The 16 classes included in the expanded series are as follows:

Customer Goals & Outcomes

Business Strategy for CSMs (NEW!)

Managing Your Portfolio (NEW!)

Kicking off the Relationship

Executive Business Reviews

Renewals & Churn

Customer Advocacy (NEW!)

Time Management for CSMs

Uncovering Opportunities (NEW!)

Asking Great Questions

Objections & Negotiation

Managing a Selling Cycle (NEW!)

Using CRM & CSM Systems (NEW!)

Cross-Functional Leadership (NEW!)

Difficult Conversations

Career Paths in Customer Success (NEW!)

Upcoming series begins on Thursday, March 28th.

Series repeats throughout the year.