Success on the Road - New York, NY


By Kristen Hayer

Last week was a whirlwind week in NYC training not one, but two, awesome teams, from ListenFirst and Updater. I followed this with a weekend in NY celebrating a major family birthday. I’m writing this in the airport, heading to Atlanta to train another team, after which we’re headed to Seattle to do some consulting work with a team there.

I was struggling with what to write for this post, because I’ve been challenged with finding balance in the middle of all the travel. I need to eat, work out, teach workshops, write blog posts, and run The Success League. Oh, and sleep. Then, I realized that this is exactly what everyone deals with in customer success. Every CSM is trying to find the time to help customers with technical issues, be proactive, conduct executive business reviews, set goals, and drive new opportunities. Oh, and sleep.  

What did I do about it? I set small goals every day, and I took one day at a time. On teaching days, it was all about the workshops and making sure those teams got everything they could out of them. Running The Success League happened at night over dinner (food!). On family days, I multi-tasked. Exercise? I got in 16 miles over 3 days by walking around NYC. Sleep? Check, breakfast at 10. Eating? Umm, it’s NYC, so yeah. Best food ever.

As a CSM, what can you do to balance your time? Are there certain days where proactive work fits in best? Can you set meetings for one day a week? Consider scheduling solid chunks of time for various activities, and taking one day at a time. Good luck – I’m still working it out!