NEW Launch: Customer Success Certification Program

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We are excited to present The Success League’s Customer Success Certification Program! Our team researched the skills that top CSMs bring to their roles, and expanded our popular CSM Training Program to include 8 more classes plus the opportunity to become a Certified CSM after completing the program and passing a learning assessment. The 16 classes in our CSM Certification Program include:

Customer Goals & Outcomes

Business Strategy for CSMs (NEW!)

Managing Your Portfolio (NEW!)

Kicking off the Relationship

Executive Business Reviews

Renewals & Churn

Customer Advocacy (NEW!)

Time Management for CSMs

Uncovering Opportunities (NEW!)

Asking Great Questions

Objections & Negotiation

Managing a Selling Cycle (NEW!)

Using CRM & CSM Systems (NEW!)

Cross-Functional Leadership (NEW!)

Difficult Conversations

Career Paths in Customer Success (NEW!)

The upcoming series starts on March 28, 2019, so hop on board and register now!