Success on the Road - Belfast, Maine

SOTR Maine.png

By Kristen Hayer

This past week included a rigorous journey that involved 5 states, snow, and training 150 customer success professionals. The travel was grueling, but in so many ways, incredible. I was able to visit Maine, which I haven't ever seen as an adult (beautiful, even with a solid layer of snow!) I also ate some of the best lobster, chowder, and mussels I've ever had!

Travel has been a huge part of my life this year, and it has brought so many friendly people and interesting experiences my way. This has me thinking about stepping outside of my comfort zone (aka cozy home office) in order to drive creativity. It's easy to stick with what we know in customer success. But, what would happen if we stepped outside of our comfort zone? Could we engage someone new? Could we approach a problem differently? Could we help our customers achieve a better ROI by teaching them to think creatively about our solutions? Sometimes, shifting your physical location can help shake you out of habits that hold you back.

My challenge this week is to shake it up. I'm traveling to Cabo (for fun instead of work), and I'm looking forward to spending quality time with my family over spring break. That said, I know that I'll still be thinking about The Success League, and I expect to bring back some creative ideas. Whether you head to the tropics or just get of of the office for an afternoon in a coffee shop, a change of location can help you shake things up. What can you do to spur your creativity?