Success on the Road: Boston, MA

Boston Plane.png

By Kristen Hayer

Last week I was in Boston, where we had the pleasure of teaching a group of 90 CSMs about negotiation and persuasion. The “we” included one of our newest team members and a former customer, Colleen St. John (welcome to The League!) Lately, The Success League has been growing like crazy and I’ve been adding to the team. This is really exciting, but has me thinking about ways to quickly ramp up team members to deliver high-quality engagements that align with our brand.

A number of our customers are working on scaling as well, and we’ve been helping them think this issue through for their own teams. Even the most experienced CS professional will need new employee training. With my own CS teams, I’ve found that the broader and more thorough your onboarding training, the more quickly you can move your new team member toward customer-facing work. Think about training that covers the company history, industry, brand, competitors, product, pricing, role, tools and team culture.

How are you making sure that your new team members ramp up quickly? Have you formalized an onboarding program? I’d love to hear about your creative approaches to onboarding!