Success on the Road: Chicago & San Francisco

University of San Francisco.png

By Kristen Hayer

Last week I was in Chicago training the fabulous team from 4C Insights, and then back in San Francisco working with a couple of different teams, including the Customer Success CAP class at University of San Francisco. Over the past several months I’ve worked with people who were totally excited about training, and others who felt forced into it by their boss or company. This has me thinking about learning a lot.

Two thoughts I wanted to share: First, I’ve used StrengthsFinder with a number of my own teams, and one of the strengths that almost always surfaces for top CSMs is Learner. I believe this is because Learners like to ask questions and listen (great skills in CS!) but also because our field is changing. Those who never stop learning naturally keep up with trends and rise to the top. Second, I think you can always learn new things, even when you’ve covered a subject in the past. Practical tips, new angles on a topic, fresh ways to practice a skill; these are part of the continual learning that is so critical in CS.

What are you doing to continue to learn about our field? How are you helping your team grow their careers in success? Always be learning!