Success on the Road: Universal City

SOTR - Universal City.png

By Kristen Hayer

I’m spending July reconnecting with my family after many months of almost non-stop travel. How do we relax? We travel! My daughter and I went to Universal Studios Hollywood for a day last week, and a customer success scenario surfaced that I thought I’d share here.

We got to our hotel about an hour before check-in time, and our room wasn’t ready. We went and hung out for a while at the hotel restaurant. Finally, about 2 hours after check-in time we were assigned to a room. The guy who checked us in knew we had been patiently waiting, so he offered us free parking for our stay as a thank you. I was excited because parking in LA isn’t cheap!

Unfortunately, when we went to check out the parking charges were on our bill. I told the person who checked us out what had happened, and she wasn’t able to reverse the charges. We had to take off so I left it in her hands, and eventually the charges were reversed by her boss, but at that point I’ll admit I was feeling frustrated. I thought about why, and here’s what I landed on:

1.     I was expecting to pay for parking, so when the guy told us we didn’t have to I was happy and delighted. But, I wouldn’t have been disappointed if it wasn’t offered.

2.     When the offer wasn’t followed through on, I was disappointed because they hadn’t delivered what they had promised, and because I had to make an effort to get something that was supposed to be a gift.

When you think about your customer success program, consider whether there are parts of your journey where you are over-promising, and under-delivering. Also, consider whether or not you are empowering your team to make things right. Hope you’re all having a great summer!