Customer Success Performance Index ™

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Benchmark Yourself.

The Customer Success Performance Index™ looks at the 8 dimensions of best-in-class customer success and measures your company's performance across each dimension. It provides a 360° view and baseline of the teams, processes, tools, and relationships that industry-leading organizations have in place.

We are comparing companies by industry, size, age, and performance, and our study report will provide a snapshot of 2018 trends across our field. Participants who opt in to receive a benchmark report will also see how their company stacks up, and uncover concrete steps they can take to move toward a stronger customer success program.

We are collecting study data now. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Participants who provide contact information will receive their benchmark report and our 2018 study results in December.

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NOTE: The 2018 is now complete and participants have received their results. Keep an eye on this page for information about the 2019 survey and new tools.

This study is a partnership between the Customer Success Research Institute and The Success League.