The Success League is a consulting firm that works with executives who want to unlock the retention and revenue a top performing customer success team will bring to their business.  Unlike traditional approaches to customer service, we transform support into success by building metrics, goals and processes that enable customer success teams to perform at their peak.

"Kristen is one of the most versatile executives I have ever had the privilege of working with. We did not have "Customer Success" until Kristen started to work with our company. It's a cultural shift when a company evolves from "support" to "success", and you need someone like Kristen who is an expert at realigning your team with the right tools, tactics and data to deliver proactive customer service." - Don Charlton, CEO

Churn Analytics & Projections - learn why your customers churn, what to expect and how to prevent it

Expansion Revenue Models - build expansion revenue into your business model with confidence

Customer Health & Risk Assessment - understand the overall health of your customer base 

Staffing Plans - know when you need to add to your customer success team and which roles to include

Metrics & Goals - give your success team the goals that drive metrics that truly impact your business

"For the first time in my career I walked into my latest executive role to find that the tools, processes and playbook for Customer Success were already mapped and implemented.  Kristen's work with our organization enabled me to immediately focus on coaching and strategy rather than spending precious time in process design.  For our startup, this time savings has been invaluable." - Chuck Brownfield, VP, Customer Success

Playbook Development - know that your success team is sure about what to do in any situation

Tool Selection & Implementation - streamline the evaluation and implementation of customer success tools 

Process Design & Mapping - be confident that your tools, team and playbook are aligned to drive the right results

"Through Kristen's guidance, mentoring, and leadership, I learned the core concepts of Customer Success - from planning and metrics to customer service, engagement, and retention.  With a solid foundation of knowledge in place, she masterfully showed me how to build on those principles and catapult my career in Customer Success to the next level."  -Michael Jones, Manager, Customer Success

On-site & Online Training - custom training programs to help your Success team learn and grow

  • Selling & Renewals
  • Customer Engagement
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Objection Handling & Churn
  • Building Strong Customer Relationships

Leadership Coaching - formal development for leaders who have been promoted from within your company

Contact us to set up time for a free business planning session.  We're looking forward to working with you!