A playbook is a critical tool that enables your customer success team to focus on the client outcomes that matter. The Success League has a proven approach for partnering with customer success leaders to build a bespoke playbook designed around client goals and customer success best practices.

We hired The Success League to build a playbook for our CSM team. Their agile project management process and open communication style quickly built trust with both the CSM team and leadership in our organization. We ended up hiring The Success League to develop playbooks for our sales and operations teams as well. Any revenue organization would benefit from their advice and vision.
Clay Whitehead, CEO, PresenceLearning
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The Project

The Success League uses a proven, agile approach to project management for playbooks, which enables us to produce and roll out a completely custom playbook in 6-8 weeks. Weekly reviews and a live project plan keep leaders updated on progress and deliverables.

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The Process

Customer success is a central team in any organization, so processes often cross over between groups. The Success League works across teams to ensure that the playbook works not only for the success team, but any other teams in the company who are impacted by new plays.

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The Outcomes

Each step in the playbook design process includes a deliverable that provides immediate value. As the playbook reaches completion, The Success League trains all teams with plays in the playbook, and develops analytics to make sure each play drives positive customer outcomes.

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