Customer Success Kickstart Program


Designed for Startups

This program is geared for early-stage companies who want help designing a customer success program that matches their business model, price structure, budget, and brand promise. Over 8 weeks, you’ll partner with one of our startup consultants to work through a proven design process and plan your optimal customer success approach.

Each week you’ll spend one hour reviewing best practices and models, and receive an assignment to complete for the following week. During the next session your consultant will review your plan and offer suggestions. After 8 weeks, you’ll have everything you need to get rolling with customer success or optimize your existing program.


Week 1: Evaluate & Plan - Discuss products and services, customer profiles, business model and go-to-market strategy to determine specific goals for the customer success program and solidify plans for the next 7 weeks.

Week 2: Customer Segmentation - Review segmentation for customer success and build a customer segmentation model that aligns with the business .

Weeks 3-4: Customer Journey - Develop a customer journey map designed to optimize the customer experience, clarify roles across teams, and provide the foundation for a customer success playbook.

Week 5: Team Structure & Budget - Discuss the profile of the ideal CSM, build a model for hiring, design a job description and interview questions, determine the ideal customer/CSM ratio, and build a headcount budget.

Week 6: Metrics, Goals & Compensation - Define the key metrics that fit the business and goals to measure performance across the success team, as well as a compensation plan that drives strong results.

Week 7: CRM Systems & CS Platforms - Determine how to leverage existing tools, when to invest in additional technology, and what to do right now to measure team performance and results.

Week 8: Reporting - Define a set of reports to keep the board of directors and investors informed, and discuss how to build risk score algorithms to better understand churn and the overall health of the customer base.

$4900 / 8-Week Program

This program is designed for startups with fewer than 25 employees. Larger organizations should consider our other engagement options, outlined here.