Our research-based, Customer Success Certification Program emphasizes long-term learning, provides practical applications of best practices, and includes tools that CSMs can adopt right away.

The Success League’s CSM Training Program will teach you everything you need to know to be a CSM. Each lesson helps to build the skills you use every day in Customer Success. When you’re done with the course, you will have all of the core experience and expertise to excel every day as a CSM.

John Bowman, Director of Customer Success, JetPack Workflow

CSM Certification & Training

Are you a new CSM? Did you come to Customer Success from a different discipline like support, professional services, or sales? Do you want to make that move? You need solid skills to deliver positive and measurable client outcomes as a Customer Success professional. The Success League offers a series of 16 weekly, online, instructor-led courses, each with a practical tool that CSMs can implement and add to their professional toolkit. Sign up for a single course or join the full certification program at any time - click below for details. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our research on the skills that a CSM needs to become a top performer.

The Success League helped my team start the shift in mindset from an Account Management team to a true Customer Success team. They took the time to evaluate our challenges and goals beforehand and presented a tailored workshop that was on-point. Kristen’s experience in the CS space was invaluable and her advice and recommendations have helped us understand CS and develop our own program at Wonderlic.

Emily Campos, Director of Client Retention, Wonderlic

Workshops and Events

Want to build your team's customer success skills while also developing teamwork and trust? The Success League offers workshops on a variety of topics like customer goals, consultative selling, time management, and difficult conversations. Half, full and multi-day workshops are available. Complete the form below and we'll work with you to build an agenda that drives change, growth and teamwork.


Our team immediately realized the value in the training, and left feeling energized and empowered to start implementing the methodologies learned. The detailed information provided, along with the materials, allows us to leverage these new skills right away to foster our goals on growth and retention.

Shari Srebnick, Senior Manager, Client Success, Searchmetrics