The Success League has been a tremendous partner in developing Customer Success at NS1. With their guidance, we have grown what was strictly a support-driven team into a group that proactively engages with our customers and delivers value to them on a regular basis. We relied heavily on The Success League's expertise to identify projects that would help move the team forward, and they were essential in keeping us on point and ultimately reaching the objectives we had set.

Evan Rich, Director of Customer Success, NS1

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Business Coaching Session - New Clients

Let us get to know you. The Success League offers a free, 1-hour business coaching session. During this meeting we will learn about your business, offer advice on your customer success plan, and share best practices from our arsenal. 

Note: This is not a sales pitch for The Success League, so if you're interested in exploring our offerings we'll set up a separate call for that.


Consulting Engagements

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Program Assessment

The Success League’s team of experienced success leaders will assess your customer base, team, tools and processes, and make recommendations on where to focus and how to approach the changes you need to make. Whether your’e building a team from scratch, or looking to improve performance across your existing group, an assessment is an excellent place to start.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation drives most of the planning in a customer success program. Our team will work with you to find the natural breakpoints in your customer base, considering revenue, maturity, usage patterns and customer behavior.

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Journey Mapping

The Success League will work across customer-facing teams to design a journey for each segment that matches your company’s business model, go-to-market strategy, brand promise and budget. We facilitate discussions between internal groups to define roles and processes, and interview current and former customers to gather feedback. The result is a map of the optimal experience for customers, and clear swim lanes for each customer-facing team. Journey maps also serve as the foundation for team playbooks.

Team & Compensation Planning

Once your segmentation and customer journey are developed, The Success League will work with you to build a hiring plan, profiles of your ideal hires, and compensation plans. Our CFO-tested tools simplify budget approval and make it easy to know when to make your next hire.

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Goals & Metrics

Effective metrics and goals are the key to getting a return on investment from your customer success program. Our team will work with you to define the metrics that fit your business, and goals you can use to drive performance across your success team. 

The Success League’s consulting services are modular, and focused on delivering immediate value. Engagements can be as short as 2 days or as long as a year, depending on the size of the team, scope of work, and maturity of organization. Contact us and we can discuss options based on your needs and budget.

We hired The Success League to build a playbook for our Customer Success team. Their agile project management process and open communication style quickly built trust with both the CSM team and leadership in our organization. We ended up hiring The Success League to develop playbooks for our sales and operations teams as well. Any revenue organization would benefit from their advice and vision.

Clay Whitehead, CEO, PresenceLearning