We start with the key metrics of customer success - retention, revenue and satisfaction - and help you design a scalable customer experience that drives positive outcomes.

The Success League has been a tremendous partner in developing Customer Success at NS1. With their guidance, we have grown what was strictly a support-driven team into a group that proactively engages with our customers and delivers value to them on a regular basis. We relied heavily on The Success League's expertise to identify projects that would help move the team forward, and they were essential in keeping us on point and ultimately reaching the objectives we had set.

Evan Rich, Director of Customer Success, NS1

Business Coaching Session - New Clients

Let us get to know you. The Success League offers a free, 1-hour business coaching session. During this meeting we will learn about your business, offer advice on your customer success plan, and share best practices from our arsenal. 

Note: This is not a sales pitch for The Success League, so if you're interested in exploring our offerings we'll set up a separate call for that.

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Customer Success Evaluation

If you're facing customer success challenges in your business, trying to pivot from reactive to proactive customer engagement, or even considering adopting a customer success approach for the first time, this evaluation will provide direction and focus. The Success League will perform a review of your current team, processes, tools and strategy, and will provide you with a comprehensive report on what's working, what isn't, what to prioritize, and how to tackle those issues.

The Success League has been a major contributor to the accelerated launch of our customer success team at HSPS. They have been instrumental in helping me develop and execute our project plan, including building and publishing a playbook. Furthermore, they have been a key resource in creating compensation plans, hiring tools and success-specific metrics to ensure ROI on our efforts.

Russ Olsen, Manager of Customer Success, Henry Schein Practice Solutions


Startup Kickstart Program

If you work for an early stage company, we can help you develop a customer success program that matches your business model, price structure, budget, and brand promise. You’ll partner with one of our startup consultants and work through a proven design process to plan your optimal customer success approach. Each week you’ll spend one hour reviewing best practices and models, and receive an assignment to complete for the following week. After 8 weeks, you’ll have everything you need to get rolling with customer success or optimize your existing program.

Customer Success Deep Dive

When you're ready to take action, a deep dive engagement will provide the business models and guidance to ensure success. Deep dive engagements typically last 3-10 days, and popular topics include:

Metrics & Goals - Effective metrics and goals are the key to getting a return on investment from your customer success program. We'll work with you to define key metrics that fit your business, and goals you can use to drive performance across your success team. 

Customer Segmentation - You provide us with customer data, and we'll work with you to build a customer segmentation model that maps to your products, pricing, brand promise, and budget. This engagement provides a solid foundation for planning your metrics, goals and team structure.

Customer Journey - A customer journey map will optimize your customer experience, clarify roles across teams, and provide the foundation for your customer success playbook. We'll work with you to review your current journey, look for touch points to streamline or add, and create a journey that drives engagement.

Team Planning - If you're ready to scale your customer success team, you need to know who to hire, when to hire them, and how to get them up to speed quickly. This engagement provides a hiring plan that ties to your budget, a hiring kit that includes a job description and interview questions, and an onboarding plan.

Compensation - Variable compensation can create huge success or damaging results, depending on the execution. We'll help you design a variable compensation plan for your customer success team that encourages the right behavior and drives toward your key metrics. This engagement pairs well with Team Planning.

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Customer Success Playbook

A playbook is a critical tool that enables your customer success team to focus on the client outcomes that matter. The Success League has a proven approach for partnering with customer success leaders to build a bespoke playbook designed around both client goals and customer success best practices.

Customer success is a central team in any organization, so processes often cross over between groups. The Success League works across teams to ensure that the playbook works not only for the success team, but any other teams in the company who are impacted by new plays.

Each step in the playbook design process includes a deliverable that provides immediate value. As the playbook reaches completion, The Success League trains all teams with plays in the playbook, and develops analytics to make sure each play drives positive customer outcomes.

The Success League uses a proven, agile approach to project management for playbooks, which enables us to produce and roll out a completely custom playbook in 6-8 weeks. Weekly reviews and a live project plan keep leaders updated on progress and deliverables.

We hired The Success League to build a playbook for our Customer Success team. Their agile project management process and open communication style quickly built trust with both the CSM team and leadership in our organization. We ended up hiring The Success League to develop playbooks for our sales and operations teams as well. Any revenue organization would benefit from their advice and vision.

Clay Whitehead, CEO, PresenceLearning

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Advisory Services

Are you the do-it-yourself type who just needs a little advice here and there? We'll hop on calls, review plans, and share our models for building a fantastic customer success team, all while making you look like a rock star.

Packages available for 10 hours per month or more. Minimum commitment of 3 months.