Beyond Email: Ideas for Tech-Touch Customer Success

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By Kristen Hayer


I wrote an article a few weeks ago about how to approach a Tech-Touch or One-to-Many customer success program. Since then, a number of people have asked about how to tackle various touch-points. It seems like most companies are pretty reliant on email, but customers are getting tired of full inboxes (I don’t blame them!) Here are some alternatives to email for your One-to-Many customer success program.


While you may have webinars in place right now, they are probably geared toward prospects rather than existing customers. Consider adding a series for your customers that includes product best practices, customer case studies or industry thought leadership.


Similar to webinars, videos create visual engagement, but they come across as more personal. Consider interviewing successful clients or providing product tips in a fun way. Get your most engaging CSMs to participate as hosts so that customers can get to know them.


If many of your customers have a long commute to work (NYC and SF, I'm looking at you!) podcasts are an excellent option to create engagement. Again, get some of your CSMs to serve as hosts, and have them interview industry thought leaders or talk about best practices.

Customer Forum

Leverage your power users by introducing a customer forum. This is a great choice for companies with an established customer base. Experienced users will help new customers get going and successfully using your solution with a little moderation from your team.

In-App Messaging

Your app is the perfect place to display messages that are tailored to your solution. If you know that customers run into snags in specific parts of your product, provide them with a walk-through or messaging at that point.


Customer surveys can be related to touch-points or to actions in your solution, and can provide insight into both customer behavior and sentiment. Imbed surveys in your product, and at key touch-points in your customer lifecycle to see where you need to improve.


Do you offer local events or an annual conference? Invite customers and get them involved in relationship-building activities like training or a dinner. Are there industry events your company is involved in? Those are a chance to not only gain prospects, but to engage clients.

Social Media

Consider the social media that best engages your customer base. LinkedIn and Twitter are obvious choices in the B2B space, but if your clients are on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, consider those as well. Posts can provide company info as well as links to case studies.

Clients enjoy hearing from companies through a variety of sources, and creativity counts. Your marketing team can provide ideas and help with content creation, so be sure to explore options with that group. Think beyond the email, and elevate your One-to-Many customer success program by incorporating some or all of these alternatives.

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Amazing Customer Experiences

By Kristen Hayer


Tonight I'm writing from the Client Success CS100 Summit at the beautiful Sundance Resort in Utah. I spent the day learning from sessions where we explored different facets of customer success and ways to engage our clients. I also got the opportunity to zip-line down a mountain, eat a fantastic dinner in the woods and listen to a local singer under the stars. All of this got me thinking about what it takes to create an amazing customer experience. 


You don't have to have the biggest budget or the best solution to build an incredible experience for your customers. You do have to be creative and notice the details. Here at Sundance, the beds have log footboards, there are trout in the pond, the general store sells ribbon on spools, and even the shampoo smells like wood. Every detail was creatively considered to create a rustic but comfortable experience.


Client Success did a terrific job this afternoon of crafting an experience for each conference attendee that was tailored to their interests. We had 3 hours to choose an activity that appealed to us: hiking, spa visits, mountain biking, art projects and, yes, zip-lining were all on the menu. Everyone returned for dinner with a story to tell, and this conference will be remembered because it connected to each person.


Walking home in the dark? No worries. Your key chain doubles as a flashlight. Need coffee in the morning? You've got 8 choices of breakfast beverages in your room. Wondering when the next activity is or where to go? It's printed right on the back of your badge. Anticipating the needs of customers makes them feel special, and allows them to focus on the wonderful experience they are having with your solution.

The CS100 Summit has not only been educational and fun, but has set a great example of an amazing customer experience. I'll be leaving tomorrow with a challenge to make The Success League even better. As you consider your own customer experience, I challenge you to incorporate creativity, individuality and anticipation to drive engagement and delight.

The Success League is a proud sponsor of the 2017 CS100 Summit. If you didn't get a chance to attend this year, we would recommend adding it to your list of 2018 customer success events. To learn more about The Success League and our customer success consulting practice, please visit

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